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About Us

Cactus Catering,LLC. believes that every flavor tells a story.

We are a full-service catering company that can provide everything from gourmet box lunches to elegant 6-course dinners. Cactus Catering, LLC. is proud of bringing exceptional culinary quality and creativity to it’s clients. Our classically trained chef can create unique menu items specific to the client’s requests and/or dietary requirements.

We set ourselves apart by bringing unmatched service and quality from menu design, delivery, service and presentation.


Cactus Catering Services


Craft Services

Cactus Catering, LLC is ready to work within your budget to feed your hungry crew and production staff with delicious and healthy options. Our Mobile Kitchen can take on any size production from an afternoon studio shoot to an on-location Hollywood blockbuster, offering full meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner or craft service tables to keep the cast and crew going through long filming days.


Candlelight Dinner

Whether it’s just a well-deserved evening for two, a celebration or to pop that special question, Cactus Catering, LLC will work with you to present the perfect menu and the perfect night.


Family Gathering

Sometimes, you just want someone else to feed the family a tasty, homecooked meal that you can relax and enjoy with everyone else. Or, maybe you have multiple families coming together for the annual reunion, and there’s a lot of mouths to feed. Is the whole crew coming to your house for the big game? No matter how big or small, Cactus Catering, LLC will make sure you’re the hero with amazing dishes to please the whole crowd


Corporate Luncheons

Corporate luncheons, box lunch services or buffets. No limits to number of guests and the menu is only limited by your imagination. So, if you’re buying lunch for the office or impressing everyone at the annual holiday party, we can accommodate your needs and guests.


Wedding Receptions

From simple and elegant to glamorous and over-the-top. A small gathering of close friends or the social event of the season, Cactus Catering, LLC will make sure your perfect day has the perfect flavor to tell the story of your happily ever after.

Hot Buffets

All buffets have a 10-person minimum.
You may pick any one or two sides with the buffets listed below.  You can choose from veggie sides, comfort sides, and salad sides.  Side selections are available on the Sides menu.  There will be an additional cost for any sides labeled “Premium”.

Family Spaghetti - $16 per person

Traditional spaghetti with a meat or marinara sauce. Served with garlic parmesan bread and your choice of side.

New Mexican Roasted Chicken with Cream Sauce - $18 per person

Chicken breast filet, roasted to perfection and topped with creamy Hatch green chile sauce. Served with bread and your choice of side.

Lemon and Dill Salmon - $22 per person

Fresh King Salmon filets, pan seared with a vibrant lemon and dill butter. Served with seasonal vegetable ribbons, herbed-lemon couscous and your choice of one side.

Rubbed Pork Loin - $22 per person

Pork Loin rubbed with house blend of spices, roasted and served with a wild rice stuffing along with your choice of two sides.

Bourbon Glazed Pork Loin - $22 per person

Pork loin with a bourbon glaze, served with a fresh apple reduction along with choice of bread and two sides.

Fiesta Grilled Chicken - $18 per person

Tender grilled chicken breast with spicy citrus marinade. Served with Spanish rice and your choice of one side.

Taco Bar - $17 per person

Seasoned ground beef and shredded chicken with full selection of toppings and salsas, served with beans and rice. Vegetarian taco option available upon request.

Southwest Buffet - $17 per person

Green chile chicken and red chile cheese enchiladas, with beans and rice along with shredded lettuce, cheese, sour cream and pico de gallo. Chips and house-made salsa are also included.

Homestyle BBQ - $20 per person

Choose two meats from smoked brisket, bbq pulled pork or bbq chicken, served with your choice of two from homemade coleslaw, potato salad or corn on the cob. Includes warm rolls and butter

Mom’s Pot Roast Dinner - $20 per person

Beef roast cooked low and slow with mashed potatoes, gravy and glazed carrots. Comes with garden salad, rolls and butter.

Roasted Turkey Breast - $20 per person

A holiday feast any time of the year. A savory, herb-roasted turkey breast served with mashed sweet potatoes and buttery sweet corn. Comes with garden salad, rolls and butter.

Sides Menu

Premium sides have additional charges.
Choose from below to pick the side items you would like to complete your Hot Buffet.

Vegetable Sides

  • Buttered Sweet Corn
  • Slow-roasted tomato, onion, and fresh green beans
  • Honey-glazed roasted carrots
  • Seasonal fresh vegetable medley
  • Calabacitas
  • Italian roasted squash medley
  • Sauteed carrot and zucchini ribbons

Homestyle Sides

  • Roasted potato medley
  • Buttery mashed potatoes
  • Sweet potato mash
  • Rice pilaf
  • Steamed rice
  • Wild rice medley
  • Fried rice
  • Cheesy potato casserole
  • Au gratin potatoes
  • Pinto beans
  • Spanish rice
  • Mac ‘n Cheese

Premium Vegetable Sides

  Add $1 to per person price of buffet

  • Buttery green beans with bacon
  • Steamed asparagus and wild mushrooms
  • Steamed asparagus with lemon butter


  • Homemade coleslaw
  • Garden salad
  • Caesar salad
  • Pasta salad
  • Potato salad

Premium Salads

  • Greek salad
  • Cobb salad
  • Southwest chicken salad

Vegan and Vegetarian Hot Buffet

For your guests with special dietary needs

Ratatouille - $10 per person

Vegetarian and vegan friendly stewed casserole with eggplant, squash and zucchini, onion and a savory rustic tomato sauce. All slow-roasted into a flavorful dish.

Portabella Fajitas - $7 per person

Marinated and grilled portabella mushroom slices with all the traditional fajita flavors, along with bell peppers and onions.

Stuffed Bell Peppers - $10.50 per person

Impossible ™ ground “beef”, eggplant, squash, quinoa and rice all stuffed into a whole bell pepper and roasted with a touch of spice.

Vegan Green or Red Chile Enchiladas - $10 per person

Pan seared squash and zucchini and choice of red or green chile and vegan Jack Cheese.

Small Bites

  • Mini Beef Wellington Bites
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Antipasti Skewers
  • Cocktail Meatballs
  • Tempura Battered Green Beans
  • Cucumber and Shrimp
  • Baked Jalapeno Poppers
  • Goat Cheese and Walnut Crostini
  • Caprese Bruschetta
  • Pinwheels
  • Chicken, Spinach and Artichoke Cups
  • Crab Cakes
  • Stuffed cherry tomatoes
  • Stuffed mushrooms


All platters are a 10 person minimum

Fresh Veggie - $4.50 per person

Seasonal selection of fresh vegetables and more, displayed beautifully for the best first impression.

Grilled Vegetable - $5.50 per person

Traditional grilled vegetables such as asparagus, onions, peppers and mushrooms, new potatoes, squash, baby corn green beans and cherry tomatoes. All grilled to a fiery perfection.

Seasonal Fresh Fruit - $4.50 per person

Only the freshest seasonal fruits, berries and even tropical selections.

Cheese Platter - $4.50 per person

Pan seared squash and zucchini and choice of red or green chile and vegan Jack Cheese.

Charcuterie Board - $12.00 per person

A delightful display of fine aged cheeses and meats, alongside dried fruits, exciting jellies and mustards, assorted nuts and assorted artisan breads and crackers.

Chips and Salsa - $3.00 per person

House made red or green salsa, with fresh tortilla chips

Desserts and Baked Goods

  • Fresh-baked cookie assortment
  • Brownies
  • Cream Puffs
  • Jello Cakes
  • Fresh Baked Bread
  • Muffin Assortment
  • Coffee Cake
  • Tea Cake
  • Bagel Assortment with Schmear
  • Homemade Granola


Includes cups and all necessary condiments, etc.
Serves 10-12 guests per gallon.
Hot – Coffee, regular or decaf
Cold – Ice Water, Lemonade, Punch, Bottled Water, Canned Soda.

Hot Breakfast

Delightful custom buffet with your choice of any of the wonderful creations below.  The best way for your group to start the day.
Hot Breakfast Selections

Breakfast Potato Boats - $6.50 per person

Large Russet Potato halves loaded with scrambled eggs, your choice of bacon or sausage, green chile and covered in melted Monterrey-Jack cheese.

Vegetarian option - $5.50 per person

Traditional grilled vegetables such as asparagus, onions, peppers and mushrooms, new potatoes, squash, baby corn green beans and cherry tomatoes. All grilled to a fiery perfection.

French Toast - $6.25 per person

Brioche slices make this sweet breakfast staple even more rich and delicious. Served with powdered sugar or whipped topping and maple syrup.

Pancakes - $4.50 per person

Extra fluffy homestyle breakfast favorite served with warm butter and maple syrup.

Heart-Healthy Breakfast Scrambler - $3.75 per person (10 person minimum)

Casserole style dish with egg whites, grape tomatoes, spinach, peppers and shallots scrambled and served together for a healthier start to the day.

Traditional Breakfast Buffet - $13.75 per person

Traditional American breakfast fare with scrambled eggs, country style hash browned potatoes, choice of bacon, sausage or ham slices, and selection of bread toast.

Cold Breakfast Selections

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait - $5.75 each

Vanilla Greek yogurt layered with seasonal fresh fruit and topped with house-made granola for a fresh start to the day.

Build-Your-Own Yogurt Parfait - $10.00 per person

Wide selection of seasonal fresh fruits, berries, dried fruits, nuts and house-made granola to blend and top off a healthy serving of Vanilla Greek yogurt.

Bagel Bar - $7.50 per person

Bagel assortment with variety of schmears
Add smoked Lox for $1.50 per person

Continental Breakfast - $12 per person

Assorted bagels and schmears, assorted baked-goods and pastries along with a full seasonal fruit tray.

Individual Breakfast Items

  • Croissant breakfast sandwiches
  • English muffin breakfast sandwiches
  • Individual egg frittata cup
  • Breakfast Burrito

Cold Lunch

Self Service Sandwich Platter - $16 per person

Selection of deli meats and grilled vegetables, choice of two cheeses and selection of breads. All condiments included along with individual assorted chips.

Box Lunch Options
Boxed lunches include individual assorted chips and your choice of a large cookie or a dessert bar.
Cookie options: Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, Sugar or Peanut Butter
Bottled water and soft drinks are sold separately.

Choose from the following selections for your boxed lunches:


  • Turkey and cheddar in a tortilla wrap
  • Ham and Swiss in a tortilla wrap
  • Fresh or grilled veggies in a veggie wrap
  • BLT in a tortilla wrap (add $1 each)


Served on Chefs selection of daily available fresh breads

  • Turkey and cheddar
  • Ham and Swiss
  • Egg salad
  • Chicken salad
  • Tuna Salad
  • Roast beef and provolone (add $1 each)

Boxed Salad Options

  • Traditional Chef Salad
  • Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad
  • Greek Salad
  • Cobb Salad

Client Reviews

Cindy H.

Thank you very much for the awesome service and the fantastic food!! Everyone is still raving about how they loved the food and a lot of them have asked my boss, to use you in the future. . Great job!! I look forward to you taking care of us at future events.

Nancy O

"Guests could not stop talking about how delicious the food was. Cactus Catering does a great job with staging and serving. We would recommend your company to anyone hoping for delicious food and a great evening". Our Event 350 guests. Everyone love their food and service.

Claudia W.

A wonderful culinary experience ! I recommend it to everyone who is interested in having a terrific way to impress clients, family or friends with a great creative experience. By the way, everything was awesome! Thank you!! Cactus Catering did great job. I want them in my future event.

Tina R.

“I just wanted to say “Thank You” for all your efforts - the lunch was wonderful! Nothing but rave reviews! They are all looking forward to our next event. One of our VIP’s also attended our lunch and was impressed – thought everything was delicious. Kudos to you and your team!”


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